Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

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General terms and conditions

GEZUMI operates the GEZUMI corporate platform under the domain gezumi.com and is aimed at medium-sized companies that want to internationalize. Registered users of the platform are GEZUMI members who agree to be regularly informed about network activities through campaigns or newsletters. You agree that GEZUMI uses photo and video material of its members for advertising purposes. The members are free to unsubscribe from the campaign announcements or newsletters at any time. The BASIS membership at GEZUMI is basically free of charge, the member has limited access and usage rights to the platform and the information contained therein. Possible chargeable UPGRADES increase the scope of services of the platform.

Termination of membership:
The membership at GEZUMI is unlimited in time in the BASIS membership and can be terminated by the member as well as by GEZUMU at any time without notice.

The PROFESSIONAL membership (always combined with chargeable upgrades) is limited to 12 months. This period is automatically extended by a further 12 months unless it is terminated 3 months before the regular termination of the contract. All membership fees are annual and payable annually in advance. All memberships can be terminated at any time by GEZUMI without giving reasons, the member account will then be deleted. Overpaid dues will be refunded.

GEZUMU merely provides its members with the platform and is not liable for its members and/or their products. This also applies to offers, texts, pictures, videos and information that members publish on the GEZUMI platform. GEZUMI reserves the right at any time to correct, shorten or delete posted contributions if contents violate applicable law or ethical principles.

Use of Corporate Design/Logos
The use of GEZUMI Corporate Design and the logo exclusively serve the positive external image of the brand and may only be used by authorized persons. Any use requires the explicit and written consent of GEZUMI.